New Releases, Stock Update

YuleTide and Stock Update Today 5pm MST

The YuleTide Special Edition

Just in time for the holidays we are happy to release a few holiday themed products.

The YuleTide Special edition is your choice of either a green or red anodized aluminum Tide Pool with a wreath/Poinsettia engraving. This engraving is only the top side of the coin thus we are able to offer it at a lower price vs our normal 2 sided engravings. If you would like to get it engraved on both sides please mention it in your order notes when placing your order.

YuleTide Packaging

We are offering gift packaging for any Tide Pool. It is $2.49 per item, but if you purchase 2 or more of any of the red/green Tides then it will be free. This packaging is standard for the special engraved version and there is no need to purchase gift packaging for it. The packaging also includes a holiday themed lighthouse tool.

New Acrylic and Aluminum Colors

To go along with the YuleTide edtion we also are selling Aluminum and Acrylic Tide Pools in red and green as well. Feel free to get your Acrylic iced (polished) for that extra transparence or get a custom engraving on an aluminum.

Other Restocks

With tonight’s restock we are also adding a bunch of Stainless Steel units. We have a few brass that will be available as well. The other metals will be added over time so keep an eye out on this section or sign up for the waitlist for the metal you are after to be notified asap!

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