New Releases, Pre-Order Updates

Tide Pools Shipping and New Pre-Order

Tide Pools Shipping

Yepp you read that right we are beginning to ship all Tide Pools with the exception of custom finishes which are being worked on tomorrow! Unfortunately copper is still on it’s way so if you ordered a copper Tide Pool you will have to wait just a few more day.

New Acrylic Pre-Order/Extras

We orded extras of all the Tides and are planning to post them in stock on the site later this week, however the Acrylics sold out before they could even go live. We already heard from a ton of you wanting to order one so we decided to post up a new Pre-Order for them right now! This pre-order is set to close this Saturday 9/12/2020 and we are being told that the turn around from our CNC shop this time will only be 3 weeks. If we can get a good amount of you to order sooner vs later we can get the material ordered and get moving on them ASAP!

For the other metals if we do sell out of the extras we will be organizing a Pre-Order for them as well but at a later date this month.

Tide Pool Video

I quickly put together a little video to show you how to mess with your Tide in terms of changing the modes or the bearing. More videos to come soon!

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