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The Return of the Tide

I am extremely excited to officially announce the next generation of the Tide Coins. However, first let’s go over a quick secondary announcement of the original Tide Coin.

OG Tide Drop

We have a bunch in every metal going live tomorrow, 5/26/2020 at noon PST. These units will be discounted $5 off and if you manage to grab one before they sell out you will also receive a $5 off coupon to use on the new Tide Pool Pre-Order!

If you miss tomorrow’s drop of the OG don’t worry too much because the Tide Pool is going into production ASAP.

So the Tide Pool

It is the main reason the Tide has been MIA for so long. While the original Tide Coin was a great success and we have people all over the world enjoying theirs, thanks to all of your feedback I knew there were ways to improve it and make it even better. I’ve spent months and months tweaking and testing this new design and now it has arrived at its current state of perfection!

The new Tide Pool’s functional features are:

  • Improved clicking mechanism with small divots that give the click a stronger and more noticeable thump
  • Moved bearing system to a vertical retention system in order to allow a smaller bottom screw and easier bearing replacement
  • The bottom screw now is much smaller in diameter causing less impact on laser designs, lower chances of accidental unscrewing, and a more symmetrical look with the top side.
  • Threading of the top and bottom screw moved to a set screw in order to prevent damaged threads on softer metals and make it possible for us to machine certain metals easier

The Tide Pool’s main focus was on redoing the internals, but also has a tweaked coin edge and top/bottom design which we think will be an amazing template for laser engravings! We also did make the Tide Pool slightly thicker and larger than its original to make it stand out even more. The Tide Pool’s diameter is 36mm and 11.2mm thick.

This doesn’t mean that the original styling is gone. In fact quiet the opposite! If everyone does love the new internals on the Tide Pool we can easily take the original design and change the internals to this new styling at a later date.

How can I get a Tide Pool?

We are awaiting final production samples from our CNC shop and expect them to arrive the end of this week or the beginning of the next. We currently have one unit here that verifies the functionality, we just want to test it in aluminum and acrylic with it’s final exterior design before offering them for sale.

We expect Pre-Orders for the Tide Pool to open as early June 5th. As of right now no plans for a Kickstarter this time in order to ensure we can deliver these ASAP. We would hope they will ship to you beginning of July.

Tide Pool Waiting List:

Unfortunately innovation such as this comes at a small cost and are expecting the Tide Pool to range from $34.99 to $64.99 for acrylic/aluminum to titanium. We haven’t decided if we will offer exotics such as Zirc, Tungsten, or Mokume on this first batch but if those interest you please let us know in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “The Return of the Tide”

  1. Josh,

    The first run seems to have had an issue where the bearing was install too low allowing the pieces to rub against each other right of of the box. There is a fix as mentioned by Average Singaporean to raise the bearing so it is flush with the outer edge of the body then glue it in at that height.

    It would be nice if there was a shelf stop so the bearing can only sink in the hole so far – much glue might not be necessary at all then. I have mounted my bearing higher (flush w/ the outer edge of the body, then glued it in) and now There is no rubbing, even when spun firmly.

    I wonder if these new runs address this issue. Otherwise, once I did the fix, the Coin has been a pleasure to use ever since.

    Thanks! Josh


    • Hey Glenn,

      On these last few units that are in stock I have been installing the bearing offset as mentioned. For the Tide Pool and any other future batches of the Tide we are using the new internal structure which actually completely does away with pressfit. Instead the bearing is held in place with a threaded housing that secures the bearing from the top. The bottom piece then has a lip that holds the bearing from the other side as well.

      • Thank You Joshua! This new design looks very usable and appears to require less maintenance than the first design. Still, quite satisfied with my polished Bronze OG. 👍🏼

  2. Please please please make a Mokume. I carry my titanium everywhere which my wife purchased for me (Christina Sano) and have now ordered a Bronze one. Can’t wait for this to drop. Please introduce some of the exotic metals. Can’t wait!


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