Pre-Order Updates

Rest of the Tides Arrived!

The SS, Brass, Acrylic, and Aluminum Tides arrived

We are starting to ship the rest of the tide coins out to everyone and hope to have all of them out by the end of this week! So sorry for the delay. They had issues with shipping and the tracking hadn’t updated for a whole week. We were starting to get concerned that they were lost.

Issue with Gunmetal Anodizing

Anodizing can be a tricky process to get a previous color 100% and with the gun metal units they came out slightly more brown vs grey this time. If you are unhappy with this color please let us know and we will refund you no questions asked. We do ask that if this color is not what you are think that we refund your order before they ship, but if you really want to see it in person we will still honor the return. We will be producing more Tides after this pre-order is finished and turn around will be much quicker so if you want to exchange for another metal we can discuss that as well. Overall just let us know what we can do to make sure you love your tide!

1 thought on “Rest of the Tides Arrived!”

  1. Woo! Can’t await to get my second one in! My first Ti with engraving is too nice to carry around in my pocket so I ordered a plain stainless one.


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