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Closes 9/12/2020 and ships beginning of October.

Does not come with compass engraving. Comes blank, unless you select an optional finish. Original Tide Photos used for examples on true metal colors and engraving examples


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The Tide is a multifunctional EDC worry coin with a kinetic twist.

The Tide Pool is a new version of our successful Kickstarter Tide Coin Project from 2019. The Tide Pool features a new design but also these changes:

  • Improved clicking mechanism with small divots that give the click a stronger and more noticeable thump
  • Moved bearing system to a vertical retention system in order to allow a smaller bottom screw and easier bearing replacement
  • The bottom screw now is much smaller in diameter causing less impact on laser designs, lower chances of accidental unscrewing, and a more symmetrical look with the top side.
  • Threading of the top and bottom screw moved to a set screw in order to prevent damaged threads on softer metals and make it possible for us to machine certain metals easier

The Tide Coin has 2 main functions of motion. First, its main purpose is to click. Think of a socket wrench. Inside the Tide are 4 ceramic balls held in place by small springs. These springs push the balls down into a machined groove. As the top rotates, these balls hit sections in the groove that are wide enough for the ball to travel downward, making a slight clicking noise. You can also slightly feel when that happens. The Tide also features an internal R188 bearing that helps add stability to the click function but also allows it to be a spinner. If you remove the balls and springs from the inside of the unit, it will then be able to spin freely.


40mm Diameter x 10.5mm Thick


Aluminum: 23g
Brass: 61g
Copper: 65g
Stainless Steel: 58g
Titanium: 35g

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