In Production – Shoreline Bolt Action Pens – Standard Metals

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With our increasing age of technology, you’d be surprised how useful a quality pen in your pocket can be. I personally love the advancements in technology, but for things like taking notes or a to-do list, having a pen and notebook helps keep me on track. I’ve been working on The Shoreline Pen for over a year and it has gone through many different design iterations. Finally I have a version that I am happy to present to you!

Ok so how’s the Shoreline different?

As I started designing The shoreline I notice how there are several different styles of ink refills. Some use a rollerball tip and others a ballpoint. Same goes for style of ink. Some are pressurized others are liquid based. So right away I knew it was important to make a pen that would allow the end user to not be forced into a category of refills they may not like. I found the Parker and Pilot G2 sizes to be most common styles, so that is what I based The Shoreline off of.

Inside the box you’ll find two center tubes that either make the pen longer or shorter to accommodate the different refill sizes. In addition, you may need a different spring so The Shoreline includes two types of springs as well.

The shoreline breaks down into seven main parts. This modularity also enables The Shoreline to last a lifetime! If you damage one of the parts, simply replace that one small part, and it’s brand new again! Our goal is to make all the parts for The Shoreline available post launch so you can mix and match different metals and styles.

While we will be offering The Shoreline in a variety of metals, we are restricting the carrier and the clip to Stainless Steel and Titanium. Aluminum, copper, and brass are all softer metals and we wanted to ensure the lowest risk of the clip and carrier getting damaged over time. These metals will have those two parts made in Stainless Steel. However matching is still important! The pocket clip features two 1.5mm x 24mm slots that we will install rods that match the rest of the body’s material. Titanium units will be full titanium, except for the springs and screws.

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