Cat 5 Roller+Belgeri Starter Kit

A category 5 hurricane is the strongest classification we have seen and the Cat 5 kit is our largest Knuckle Roller/Belgeri Starter Kit. It includes all of our launch items in 1 kit. With this kit you receive 2 Modular Ends, 2 Cyclone Ends, 1 Roller Body, and 2 Belgeri Adapters. The set has enough parts so you can have both a Cyclone Roller and Typhoon Belgeri at the same time! The Modular ends feature a removable core allowing for ultimate weight customization, while the Cyclone ends use an r188 for a fidgety spinning action.

  • Cyclone Roller Size: 21mm Thickest Diameter x 8.1mm Thinnest¬† Diameter x 51.6mm Long
  • Cyclone Weights:
    • Aluminum- 35.69g
    • Copper- 86.09g
    • Stainless Steel- 77.63g
    • Titanium- 50.49g
  • Typhoon Belgeri Size: 15mm Diameter x 25.2mm Tall
  • Typhoon Weights (without brass cores installed):
    • Aluminum- 14.86g
    • Copper- 39.16g
    • Stainless Steel- 35.08g
    • Titanium- 22.00g
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