The Tide

A Kinetic Worry Coin

The Tide is a worry/challenge/pocket coin with a kinetic twist. Whether you prefer the haptic feedback of it’s clicking mode or the smooth glide of its free spin mode the Tide is perfect to join your everyday carry!

Special Pre-Order Deals!

We have several deals for this new batch available. Discounts are automatically applied once you add the items individually to your cart!

  • What a Steel! - $110 - $100
    • 1 Stainless Steel + Any other material
  • Panda POM - $90 - $85
    • 2 Tides in black and white POM/Delrin
  • Family Pack - $200 - $180
    • 1 of each material totaling 4 total units

The Internals

The Tide features a unique dual haptic/spin system utilizing spring loaded ball bearings and an R188 bearing. You can view this video to see how to replace the parts or change it between modes!