Pre-Order Updates

Pre-Order Closing, Production Starting, Copper/Bronze Issue

Well I talked it over with my shops and unfortunately due to some price increases and low order amounts Bronze and Copper Tide Pools are not going to be produced on this batch. It would just be a large investment in stock that I’m not able to do so at this time. I think that moving forward we are going to reduce the number of metals we offer per batch because it really makes the numbers hard to hit sometimes. The other metals/options did great and are going into production ASAP!

If you ordered a Bronze or Copper I will not be canceling your order, because I still have enough units from the original batch to fulfill them. This does mean though that if you waited or were going to wait for them to be in stock that isn’t going to happen. I will have a couple extras of each metal that will be ready for immediate shipment once I get out the couple pre-orders shipped. Please email if you are interested in one of them.

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